Full Name: Markus Michael Patrick Feehily
Date Of Birth: 28th May 1980
Born In: Sligo, Ireland
He Now Lives In: London and Sligo
Colour Of Eyes: Blue
Colour Of Hair: Brown
Height: 5ft 11
Star Sign: Gemini
Waist Size: 34 ins
Show Size:
Tatoos: Nope
Scars/Marks: Glass cuts on his hand & a scar on his shin
Piercings: One earring on his left ear
Schools: St Patrick’s National school & Summer Hill College, Sligo
Best Classes: French & home economics

Worst Classes: Irish & woodwork
Family: Oliver & Marie, two younger brothers Brothers: Barry & Colin
Pets: A pug called Saffy, a french bulldog called Nullah and a pug called Edgar
Previous Jobs: Pizza delivery, Photo lab assistant
Current Band: Member of Irish pop band Westlife formed in 1998. The band announced they will take their separate ways after 14 years together once they finish their Farewell Tour 2012 on 23 June
Previous Bands: He has been in a rock band & in a boyband called Six As One at the start and then I.O.U. with Kian, Shane & three other friends.
Singing Since: “Since he can remember…”
Best Friend: Rowen
Lovelife: Mark announced he is gay on August 19th, 2005. He was in a relationship with Kevin McDaid (Photographer and ex member of British boyband V) for 7 years. Mark and Kevin got together in January 2005, got engaged in 2010 and broke up in 2011.
At his early 20s he dated a model named Lauren Gold for a while (she starred in Robbie William’s video “Rock DJ” as the DJ) who he met at a party in London.
His First Kiss: Was with an Irish girl in a very romantic location on holiday in France while on an exchange trip. He thought the kiss was disgusting for about two seconds as he couldn’t breathe before deciding he really liked it!
Ideal Man: Thoughtful & funny
First Record Bought: “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx
First Concert: Christy Moore
U2 Or B*Witched: U2
Backstreey Boys Or Boyzone: Boyzone
McDonalds Or Burger King: McDonalds
Dream House: A big house with a tennis court & a swimming pool in Sligo
Likes: Singing, partying and chilling with his mates
Dislikes: Narrow-minded people & being tied down
Motto: “Wake up and breathe!”
He Never Thought That Westlife Would: “Win Record Of The Year three times!”
What The Other Guys Say About Him: Where is Mark?!
When He’s Not Working He Likes To: Write songs
Describing Himself: “Indecisive, genuine and crap at getting up in the morning.”
Favourite Westlife Moment: Meeting the Pope
Favourite Westlife Track: Can’t Loose What You Never Had
Favourite Westlife Video: World Of Our Own (U.S. Version)
Favourite Colours: Green & purple
Favourite Male Singers: Michael Jackson, Prince
Favourite Female Singers: Mariah Carey & Missy Elliot
Favourite Songs: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson & “Without You” by Mariah Carey
Favourite Actror: Eddie Murphy
Favourite Actresses: Lisa Kudrow & Angelina Jolie
Favourite Films: Nutty Professor, Armageddon & The Green Mile
Favourite TV Programs: Friends, South Park, Ali G & MTV Select
Favourite Books: “Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt & “The Witches” by Roald Dahl
Favourite Drinks: Red Bull & Fanta Lemon
Favourite Breakfast: Beans, rasher, sausage & black & white pudding
Favourite Cereals: Rice Krispies & Weetabix
Favourite Clothes: Big warm hoodies, baggy bottoms & trainers
Favourite Place: Sligo
Favourite Place To Chill: On the couch in front of the TV
Favourite Place To Go On Holidays: South America & New York
Favourite Sports: Tennis, squash, badminton, snooker & football
Favourite Football Team: Liverpool
Favourite Aftershave: Hugo Boss
Favourite Perfume: Calvin Klein
Favourite Designer: Timberland
Worst Job Ever Done: Cleaning the toilets in Burger King
Idols: His parents & Prince